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Three women fiercely and confidently decided to follow their passions for people, story, and images to create an outlet to express themseles, a way to support themselves, and a way to help other people achieve their own aspirations.

People buy STORIES not things

Your customers do not want to be advertised to, especially on their own social media pages, which is why building a genuine and ongoing relationship is key. Social media is a great medium to allow you to communicate with your community and to allow them to communicate with you.


Paige 9 takes care of all your visual social media needs, eliminating confusion, frustration, and lost time. We provide you with custom, cost-effective, constant and consistent visual content so you can focus on making your goals come true. We found success doing what we love (helping others & capturing stories) and we are here to help you do the same!

Brand Story Development

We are inspired by your story and we want to share it with the world. We design and develop unique brand stories to support authentic engagement and growth within with your community.

Content Creation

We produce content specific to your brand, your story, and your current goals and initiatives. Through custom and detailed planning, we 
are able to maximize each shoot and provide a variety of content to suite your needs.

Distribution Strategy

Through constant and consistent content, you will attract the attention of potential customers, funders, and brand advocates. We design AND implement a release strategy for your content so you can focus on what matters most to you.



All packages are customizable and are based on a 6-month contract.

The Prime Package*


Up to 2 Hours of Shoot Time per contract

12 Visual Social Media Posts per month

(includes up to 2 videos and 1o photos)

*The prime package is reserved for not-for-profits and solo-preneurs.

The Preferred Package


Up to 6 Hours of Shoot Time per contract

20 Visual Social Media Posts per month

(includes up to 2 videos and 18 photos)

The Premiere Package


Up to 12 Hours of Shoot Time per contract

40 Visual Social Media Posts per month

(includes up to 4 videos and 36 photos)


#Believers #Creators #Visionaries
We are inspired by the little things and we admire the big things.
We believe in the impossible, and find beauty in the ordinary.
We respect the privilege of bringing your story to life.
And we are fortunate to be able to support so many amazing journeys along the way.

#DreamMakers #RiskTakers #StoryTellers


We produce a variety of different story types and styles. We focus on short-form content (5 minutes or less) and long-term storytelling.

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